Corporate Events

Unique Brand Exposure!

How would you like to have hundreds of potential customers lined up and waiting eagerly to receive your business cards? And what if you knew that these business cards were going to their homes and being placed on their refrigerator; the most commonly used and visible appliance in the home? Have MIPhotobooth put your branding on the photo strips. That kind of exposure doesn’t happen for most business cards, which invariably get stuffed inside a wallet or purse and rarely ever see the light of day again.

Memorable Outings!

We will set our photo booth up to take free photos with your company’s logo and keep the booth staffed with an attendant on site, to ensure smooth operation. What you receive in return are all those potential customers or clients coming home with mementos of a good time sponsored by your company. The visibility of your logo right next to their smiling faces is priceless and adds a personal touch that other forms of marketing just cannot offer.

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